Bruce's Crown is insured through The Scottish Hill Runners Association and organised under their rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from this and future events. The race is open to teams of four all of whom must have experience of navigation / mountain running / fell running and must be 18 years of age or over at the start of the race.

Every entrant must sign the registration form to confirm that they: – have read these Event Details and Rules. – understand the nature of the event and the potential risks. – have the navigation skills and experience in winter mountain walking/ running.

Teams must register at Caldon's Campsite area at least one hour before their given start time and present their kit for examination. Teams must be self sufficient, with no supporter assistance (inc. food hand-outs) or pace-makers. Teams must pass over every checkpoint together as a four, and presetn themselves as a team of four at every manned checkpoint. The Team must stay in contact with each other and assist each other throughout the event.

Cut Off times- Teams are advised to retire on reaching CP 5 by (tba), CP11 or CP12 by (tba) and wait for a lift back to Caldons. This is simply because we need everyone off the hill by dark on Saturday night.

Retiring from the event. 

GOLDEN RULE- If retiring  alert checkpoint marshalls or call event HQ as soon as possible by mobile phone to prevent mountain rescue being called. The emergency number will be confirmed at registration. In the event of injury continue if possible to a checkpoint. Or use emergency bivvy and use mobile phone/ continue as pair to checkpoint/ or attract attention of another team. Note that the Manned checkpoints are generally located on tracks in the valley and there may be a better escape route than descending directly.  There will be extra emergency checkpoints on the hills which we will update you on nearer the time.

 Continuing as a team of three--This can only happen on reaching the checkpoint at the CP5 , CP11 or CP12 where retirees can be kept warm until picked up by vehicle.  The remaining team must carry all the team kit between them. It follows that if a retiring team member is making use of the tent and sleeping bag then the whole team must retire.  Do not expect to be able ditch your suffering team-mate at any checkpoint and carry on!


1) Clothing– to be worn or carried by every runner :

a) Footwear with suitable grip for steep ground.

b) Warm full body cover, hat and gloves.

c) Additional warm top*.

d) Waterproof over-trousers with taped seams

e) Waterproof anorak or cagoule with hood and taped seams.

*Full thermal base layer + warm top+ waterproof outer is the bare minimum. Extra  mid-layer is recommended.

2) Equipment To be carried by every competitor:

a) Adequate food and drinks bottle/bladder.

b) Separate emergency rations.

c) Torch with spare batteries to give 8hrs use.

d) Map/s of whole route at 1:50,000 scale or larger. ( Harvey’s 1:25000 Super Walker map is excellent)

Runners can carry the OS Printouts, marked up as on the Race Information page however NB:  TWO OS or Harveys maps must be carried per Team. - Galloway-Hills

e) Compass.

f) Whistle

g) Survival bag

3) Equipment to be carried between the whole team:

a) Tent or Emergency Shelter eg Kisu/Mountain bothy bag/clan tent for 4 people (or 2 x 2 person bag)

b) One Sleeping Bag

c) First Aid Kit

The Tent or Shelter – must be complete and be capable of being used as intended by the manufacturer (i.e don’t just bring the fly sheet of a tent). Mountain Rescue recommend a bothy bag for speed and efficiency. A ‘Blizzard Pack’ is acceptable as a sleeping bag. First Aid Kit must contain as a minimum; a triangular bandage; a large wound dressing; a selection of plasters for minor cuts; tape; disposable gloves and any personal medication. Gaffer tape is recommended by mountain rescue to fix almost everything.

Technology– We encourage you to carry a mobile phone for emergency purposes. Allowed– Altimeters and devices which can only record your route. Not Allowed- devices which can show your location, either on a screen map or by coordinates.  These may be carried in sealed bag.