Race Information



The race can be entered on SiEntries here https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?elid=Y&event_id=12973 With it being the first year please can you enter as soon as possible (ie when the Team Leader knows they are going to put a team in) and then we can assess catering, toilets etc.

1)  We will check Previous Experience when you enter and you will initially be placed on a Pre-Selection list. We will aim to send out an email confirming your acceptance.

As a minimum we require three member to have one of the below and then the fourth member can be less experienced.

a) 1 x Mountain marathon experience. Please give year and course

b) 2 x AL / Scottish Classics fell race completions. Please give year and time/position

c) Other Experience and competence on the hills.  Rounds are perfectly acceptable eg Bob Graham etc as are any long, full days out on the mountains with navigation.


2) The race is 300 to enter a team of four runners 

3) To enter a Team the Team Captain will first need a "Team Name" then to add themselves. It is possible to enter an incomplete team and then at a later date add the the SI Entry number, email address and last name of each team member to the Team. When SI Entries brings up that Team Member you then add Experience in the blank box and make sure the Emergency contact box are complete. You should now be able to save a partly completed entry.

3a) You can enter someone who isn't currently on SiEntries but will need full details such as dob, address, contact details, medical history as well as Experience and Emergency contact details.

4) There will be prizes for Open Team, Ladies Team, Vets Team and Mixed Team. A Mixed Team is any combination of Men and Women.


Registration and Start times

The race starts on Friday 5th April. We will be allocating Start times with the Walkers set off  from 4pm and Runners from 6pm. If you need a late Start time you will be able to ask for one up to midnight on Friday to allow for travel etc.

The overall cut off will be 4pm on Saturday 6th April.



We will be using Opentracking to record that Teams have visited each of the following checkpoints. You are free to choose your own route between checkpoints however I will publish a "recommended route" this year and possibly mark very unclear forestry areas. There could be extra manned checkpoints added to this list so please check back here every now and again.

Updated 5th February 2024 - Updated the map to show the route to the Finish from Merrick, the descent of Cairngarroch and ascent of Darrou

Start / Finish Caldons old campsite OS Grid Ref: NX 40027 78951

CP1 Lamachan OS Grid Ref: NX 43517 76905

CP2 Curleywee OS Grid Ref: NX 45459 76958

CP3 Millfore OS Grid Ref: NX 47814 75463

CP4 Cairngarroch OS Grid Ref: NX 49135 77569

CP5 Forest Track Exact position tbc Manned with hot food / drink  OS Grid Ref: NX 49440 79279

CP6 Darrou OS Grid Ref: NX 50605 80121

CP7 Meikle Millyea OS Grid Ref: NX 51835 82885

CP8 Corserine OS Grid Ref: NX 49780 87063

CP9 Meaul OS Grid Ref: NX 50052 90972

CP10 Coran of Portmark OS Grid Ref: NX 50905 93678

CP11 Forest Track Exact position tbc Manned with hot food / drink OS Grid Ref: NX 47575 94193

CP12 Forest Track Exact position tbc Manned with food/drink OS Grid Ref: NX 42076 95094

CP13 Shiel Hill - Trig OS Grid Ref: NX 41757 94526

CP14 Craigmasheenie OS Grid Ref: NX 41465 92922

CP15 Shallock on the Minnoch Trig OS Grid Ref: NX 40453 90708

CP16 Tarfessock OS Grid Ref: NX 40896 89222

CP 17 Kirriereoch OS Grid Ref: NX 42077 87010

CP18 Merrick OS Grid Ref: NX 42733 85526

CP19 Gate in wall OS Grid Ref: NX 40515 83126

Follow Merrick hill race route / flags to carpark

CP20 Bruce's Stone OS Grid Ref: NX 41577 80349

Finish Caldons campsite OS Grid Ref: NX 40027 78951