Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I wear a watch that records the route?  Yes. And you can use the Elevation feature while you are running to aid navigation. Please turn off the navigation / map screen and it is against the Rules to use the watches for navigation.

2) Can I take a phone that has OSMaps etc on it? Yes you can carry a phone in a sealed case. We would like one member of each Team to carry a working phone in case of emergency.

3) Will there be refreshments at the checkpoints? At CP 5 and CP11 there will be hot soup and rolls along with tea/coffee/soft drinks and snacks for you to eat and take with you such as cereal Bars, bananas, cakes, sweets. At CP12 there will be snacks and hot drinks None of the other checkpoints will be manned, or have refreshments. There will be nothing at all for you to do except run over / through the Checkpoint location. The trackers will record that you have been there.

4) What are the Cut offs. At CP5 the cutoff will be 1am on Saturday morning. At CP11 (Loch Head) the cutoff will be 8am on Saturday morning.

5) Will there be a public Opentracking website and links for dot watching? Yes I will be putting the link on the website a couple of days before the event starts.

6) What is the Emergency procedure? If it's a true Emergency then Ring 112 and ask for the Police and make sure they know you are remote. If you need to contact the Event Team ring Karen Brownlie on 07920 180560 / Ross McConchie on 07496 954319

7) Dropouts on route - One Team member can drop out at any of the three Track CP's and the rest of the Team can continue as "Non - Competitive". You cannot split up / drop out at any other point except in an Emergency rescue.